Legal Services

Administrative law – in my practice of law, I have gained a wealth of experience in representing natural and legal persons before administrative authorities, which often exploit their status as holders of public powers and disregard clients’ rights guaranteed in this area by opaque laws.

Tax and customs proceedings – I will represent you in tax proceedings with tax offices. As tax payers are faced with rising liabilities towards tax authorities, and as mounting penalties for small non-compliance are severe enough to close down a business, there is a growing need for this service among clients.

Taxes – as I also cooperate with the accounting company ASC Accounting, s.r.o. in this field, I am able to provide a programme protecting clients’ interests and consulting when it comes to tax optimisation.

Custom proceedings on the seizure of goods (Selected Products) – in accordance with the Act no. 353/2003 Coll., on Excise Duties, these are special custom/tax proceedings in which I help Czech and especially foreign subjects to cope with the increasingly searching checks by customs authorities, right up to any recovery claims for damages stemming from an unlawful decision or maladministration act of Customs authorities.

Insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings – representing either creditors or debtors in insolvency proceedings, I defend my clients’ interests with the experience I have gained from my ongoing cooperation with an insolvency administrator’s office.

Criminal law – in particular, I offer to represent victims and parties involved in actions within criminal proceedings, where legal representation is highly recommended in order to enforce rights before police authorities or the courts; I also provide assistance on the drafting of qualified criminal complaints; in criminal proceedings, I offer my services as an advocate primarily in cases of white-collar crime that extend into business and tax law.

Compliance – in the context of criminal liability, I provide – in the interests of prevention –appropriate compliance programmes that focus on the impacts of the Act on Corporate Criminal Liability, as this is an issue currently faced by legal persons and their representatives.

GDPR (Personal Data Protection) – a regulation on data protection and privacy for all individuals comes with new responsibilities to all subjects, from large corporations to middle size companies or entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a suitable compliance program with respect to all specifics of your business.

Family law – divorce, custody of children, maintenance, such proceedings are never pleasant. Nevertheless, based on my experience in this field I guarantee that even the most distressing cases can be managed successfully in the interests of clients and, most importantly, of any minor children involved.

Litigation and dispute resolution – drawing on my extensive experience, I represent clients in litigation and in the handling of problems that may arise during everyday situations in life and business and that need to be solved by communicating with the other party and, in particular, through the judicial system, all with focus on the basic principles of law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

Commercial law – in a wide range of matters governed by commercial law – which, following the most significant transformation of the Czech Republic’s legal system, is difficult to interpret and is not always predictable, even for experts – a lawyer’s assistance is necessary to eliminate any problems and disputes.

Corporate law – I provide advice for the formation of companies and changes to entries in public registers (the organisation of general meetings, the preparation of documentation for governing bodies, compliance with Commercial Register requirements) and other corporate operations required of companies by law, up to and including the effective dissolution of a business.

Commercial and civil liabilities and contracts – I recommend having every property purchase contract, contract for work and lease contract, professionally prepared and revised in the spirit of the simple principle that the law favours the vigilant, because, even at this stage, you are preparing for potential litigation.

Other legal services – I can also prepare for you, or on your behalf, various legal analyses, background researches, drafts and review of internal regulations (rules and internal directives), negotiations, due diligence, and other documents in labour-law relations, industrial and intellectual property, or the enforcement of claims, including final execution proceedings.